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Start 2022 Strong

Register today for Make This Year, Your Year: Powerful, Proven Destination Business Strategies for 2022 presented by Jon Schallert on Monday, March 7th from 6pm to 7pm

In this webinar for Livingston County small businesses, Jon will show you how to increase your sales and customer traffic with simple, easy-to-implement tactics that will help your business reach new revenue heights in 2022. This live webinar will be held on Monday, March 7 from 6pm to 7pm.

This event will welcome internationally-known business consultant Jon Schallert to Livingston County via Zoom to help businesses bounce back and start 2022 off strong. Jon Schallert is the only professional speaker in the world teaching businesses and communities how to turn themselves into Consumer Destinations. Schallert speaks to thousands annually on his “Destination Business” process, which he developed over the course of thirty-one (31) years while interviewing over 10,000 independent business owners in over 500 cities and towns.

If you’ve ever felt that your business is stuck or that your business sales are just not what they should be, take time to attend this live webinar.

Attendees of Jon’s webinar will learn:

-- How to alter your business interior so a customer immediately knows why they should buy from you and not your competitors

-- The four (4) key areas of any business that customers immediately anchor to that determines whether they’ll buy now and return to buy again

-- How to assure that your marketing captures the interest of today’s time-stressed, limited-attention span customer

-- The easiest way to find what customers most desire in your business and how to maximize your sales with it

-- Concrete to-dos that owners can immediately put into practice to drive more customer traffic, both local and from far away, to their businesses

Register Here (link)

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