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FEMA Field Survey Notice

Dear Livingston County, Community Officials, and Residents:

STARR II, Strategic Alliance for Risk Reduction (a joint venture of Atkins, Stantec, and Dewberry), is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region II Office’s Study Contractor participating in the Risk MAP (Mapping, Assessment, and Planning) program. Currently, STARR II personnel are providing technical support to Region II for engineering analysis and floodplain mapping throughout Livingston County, New York.

STARR II has contracted GdB Geospatial, LS, P.C. to conduct field surveys. The work performed by GdB includes obtaining channel cross sections, identifying or establishing elevation reference marks, and obtaining the physical dimensions of hydraulic and flood control structures. While performing the field surveys, employees from GdB will make every effort to stay on public land and rights-of-way; however, it may be necessary for the surveyors to enter privately owned property for short periods of time to gather survey information on designated stream channels, bridges, culverts, and dams. Should this occur in your area, an employee from GdB will make every attempt possible to contact the property owner in advance and seek permission to enter their property. GdB survey crews will be in and around the county from September 2021 through January 2022, and the fieldwork may be performed Monday through Sunday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. depending on daylight availability. The surveyors will respect the homeowner’s property and will not interfere with their use of it. Upon request, the surveyors will identify themselves by driver’s license and this letter of introduction. The surveyors will also be following the latest New York State COVID-19 safety protocols.

FEMA requests that residents of Livingston County allow STARR II and GdB proper and safe access to the areas that are included in the scope of work. This will allow us to perform more accurate engineering and floodplain mapping.

If you have additional questions, please contact STARR II Project Manager Maggie Mathis at (703) 849-0330 or FEMA Region II Project Monitor Stephanie Gootman at (202) 802-3137.

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