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County Wide Mural Festival Announced

As part of the Inspirations Trail public art initiative, Livingston County Economic Development is hosting a county-wide mural festival in July 2022.

Now actively seeking muralists and apprentices to participate!

Announcing County-Wide Mural Festival

Nine huge murals will be installed in Livingston County in July 2022.

Liv Co Walls is a county-wide mural festival that welcomes regional, national, and international artists who will create nine high-quality murals — one in each of the nine villages of Livingston County. The murals will be created from July 8th to 31st, 2022 and unveiled with celebrations and events taking place all over the county to recognize the artists and the communities.

Nine Locations in the Downtowns of Liv Co!

Leaders of Liv Co Walls include Livingston County Economic Development, with strong support and collaboration from Alexandra Hall with A H Public Spaces Consulting as well as the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts and Village Public Art Committees. The wall locations in Livingston County have been selected with the input of Village Committees, Village Mayors, Town Supervisors, and Property Owners. The selected locations are:

· Avon - TBA

· Caledonia - 3103 Main Street, Caledonia, NY 14423

· Dansville - 175 Main Street, Dansville, NY 14437

· Geneseo - 125 Main Street, Geneseo, NY 14454

· Leicester - 134 Main Street, Leicester, NY 14481

· Lima - 1883 Rochester Street, Lima, NY 14485

· Livonia - 16 Commercial Street, Livonia, NY 14487

· Mount Morris - 83 Main Street, Mount Morris, NY 14510

· Nunda - 60 North State Street, Nunda, NY 14517

Muralist Applications are now open for Liv Co Walls! Livingston County is actively seeking experienced muralists to apply for Liv Co Walls. Muralists who participate in Liv Co Walls will create one large-scale mural in one of the nine downtowns of Livingston County.

 · Muralists will sign an indemnification agreement, a hold harmless waiver, and a photo release waiver · Applicants must be 18 or older · Applicants must be able to travel to Livingston County, NY in July of 2022 · Applicants must be able to provide tax documentation and be eligible to work in the USA in July of 2022 · Applicant must be willing to participate in Liv Co Walls events (i.e. Muralist Talk, Dedication Ceremony, and Liv Co Walls festivities · Applicant must be willing to work with Liv Co Walls Mural Apprentice(s)

Click Here to Apply as a Muralist

Apply for the Liv Co Walls Apprentice Program! To support art education, the Liv Co Walls Mural Apprentice Program will offer aspiring artists an opportunity to garner valuable experience installing large-scale murals. Livingston County residents are invited to apply for the apprentice program, they will be paired with experienced muralists and asked to help assist in the mural installation during the Liv Co Walls mural festival. Apprentices involved in the mural festival will garner valuable experience and develop a unique insight into the process of mural installation. · Applicant must be 18 or older · Applicant must reside in Livingston County · Applicant MUST be able to volunteer some hours to this apprentice program during Liv Co Walls in July 2022 (from July 8th to 31st)

Click Here to Apply as a Mural Apprentice

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