Public Works Street Department

The DPW is responsible for the network of streets within the boundaries of the Village, except for NYS Rt. 5 & 36. There are 9.38 centerline miles and 18.76 lane miles of streets within the boards of the Village.



  • Resurfacing streets

  • Reconstructing streets

  • Repairing potholes

  • Sweeping streets

  • Storm sewer & drainage maintenance

  • Traffic and street signs

  • Village owned parking lot maintenance

  • Snow & ice control (except NYS Rt. 5 & 36)

  • Leaf collection

  • Tree trimming and removal

  • Village owned building and
    property maintenace

  • Crosswalk & parking lot striping

  • Street light maintenance
    (business district only)

  • Sidewalk maintenance and replacement

  • Dig safe stakeouts

  • Mow facilities

  • Erect Christmas decorations

  • Assist Caledonia Police Department
    when needed

  • Assist other Village and Town DPW's

  • Work for Livingston County Highway Department



Street Department

Village of Caledonia, NY

3095 Main Street | Caledonia, NY 14423


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